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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 18, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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out. tonight an apology from the philadelphia paramedic who posted it. >> this robber picks the wrong south jersey pharmacy. >> plus a sex tape scandal at a bucks county
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> good evening. tonight a knife wielding suspect gets more than he bargained for trying to hold up a cvs in camden county. a quick off duty police officer springs into action. >> this happened on the black horse pike in runnemede. natasha brown is there. >> reporter: police tell us this robbery suspect was set on getting away with thousands of dollars worth of prescription drugs from this cvs store but he would never make it to the exit thanks to a quick thinking off duty police officer and his son.
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when sergeant dan marie and his 18-year-old son darted into the c.v. a at ninth avenue and the black horse pike in runnemede on monday evening, it was to pick up a few personal items. little did the off duty officer know he would come up close and personal with a robbery suspect trying to make a get away. >> when i was at the counter checking out ready to walk out the door i observed a male walking up the aisle with a mask on halfway up his face. >> reporter: the suspect robbed a pharmacist at knife point toting at. >> it was another customer chasing him. >> reporter: sergeant murray in plainclothes his son jumping in seconds later tackling the robber before he made it out the door. >> i grabbed him at the front of the door and started wrestling him. at that time my son brian murray jumped in and helped me and we detained the suspect until uniformed police officers arrived. >> he went into being just a
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cop. you could tell he know exactly what he was doing. i think he's the hero. i'm proud of him. >> reporter: for sergeant murray an 18 year veteran of the runnemede police department it's what he's professionally trained do on or off cute team his son's motive for helping to foil this robbery is much more personal. >> i wasn't thinking about him stealing. i was thinking about him trying to harm my dad. i'm glad i stopped him from stealing but the main thing for me was to try to help my dad. >> we're always working, always keeping our eyes opened and when we have to get involved we will. >> well, another brave customer inside the store also helped to take down this suspect. meantime 27-year-old matthew donahue of runnemede, new jersey is currently facing robbery aggravated assault and other related charges. he's currently being held on $100,000 bail. we're live in runnemede tonight, natasha brown, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> natasha thank you. its a photo that sparked outrage. tonight there's an apology
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from a paramedic and a response by a fire department after a picture showed up on instagram. >> "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us live from spring garden where fire officials responded later today. todd. >> reporter: and, jessica, at this point it's not clear if this paramedic will face any kind of disciplinary action but it is clear the fire commissioner is not too happy about it. he contends the paramedic crossed the line. picture posted to the paramedic's instagram account shows a white police officer with two black men that have guns pointed at them. the post then states our real enemies need to stop pointing guns at each other and at the ones that's legally killing innocents. that has people upset within the philadelphia police department and thursday night fire commissioner david sawyer says he personally apologized to police commissioner charles ramsey and jones bee. >> i thought it was disgusting. i think we have a great
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working relationship with the police in our city and i think we want to keep that and a lot of members have family members that are police officers, also, so it wasn't -- it was in poor taste. >> reporter: the paramedic works here at medic 23 in west philadelphia where it just so happens to share a building with the 19th police district outrage over the posting reached city hall with mayor michael nutter releasing a statement saying in the strongest possible terms i condemn the behavior of a paramedic in the philadelphia fire department who used social media to post a reprehensible message and photo that targeted police officers, particularly at a time of emotional volatility and citizen protests in our nation in the wake of tragedies in ferguson and new york city. the still picture is taken from a music video by two brooklyn rappers voicing their frustrations over the recent deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the head of the firefighters and paramedics union issued a statement in support of police saying not only do we work together in the street beltway
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i count many police officers as good friends as well as family. and the paramedic has since taken down that post off of his instagram account and he also posted an apology on his facebook account saying that he deeply apologizes and that he did not mean to hurt miss brothers in blue route reporting live from spring garden, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly. >> todd thank you. in runnemede new jersey tonight a man is facing charges. he's accused of stealing from the runnemede youth athletic association. police say that john g. lu cia the treasurer of that organization stole more than $10,000. the alleged thefts began in awnchts new at 10 o'clock tonight philadelphia police identified the 18-year-old student accused of bringing a gun inside fels high school in the northeast. this is juan mejias charged with reckless endangerment and other crimes. officials placed that school
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on lockdown for several hours following yesterday's discovery. the weapon was recovered from a trash can. no word how it got past school metal detectors. thieves stole a package from the front pomp of -- porch in rhawnhurst. after the delivery truck pulls away the car returns. that man hops out and grabs the package: if you can identify that suspect you're asked to call philadelphia police. well a man decide not to pay his septa fare but getting away with that proves to be a little bit harder than he expected. septa's police chief tom nesto tweeted this embarrassing video surveillance video of the the man trying to get past the turnstile. the chief said after all that work the guy didn't even get on the train. police continue to look for
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him tonight. >> there is a chill in the air in manayunk tonight, people bundled up as they made their way around main street. will this cold be hanging around as we head toward the weekend? meteorologist kathy orr is on the cbs3 sky deck now and kathy, how is it outside? >> it's cold, and yes, the cold will be sticking around for the weekend. we are in it now. the depths of winter, winter fishily begins on sunday but it feels like it already. skies have clouded up again but they'll be clearing during the early morning hours and temperatures will continue to tumble. take a look for yourself. you can see on storm scan3 a few flurries actually right through delaware and south jersey but they will be tiny little flurries of a system that's moved from virginia and west virginia. for the rest of us just seeing a few extra clouds. come tomorrow skies will be clearing. winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour from the northwest. that persistent wind will die down. feelings like 30 in philadelphia, 31 in allentown as the winds begin to ease. still wind chills in the 20's in reading and lancaster,
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feels like 18 in the poconos. come tomorrow morning we'll be in the 30's and slowly rising but look at that, bright and sunny, something we haven't seen in some time. tomorrow is expected to be the first sunny day of december. enjoy it. i'll be back with more on a christmas week storm that's most unusual. i'll explain why coming up with in seven-day forecast. >> kathy thank you. a sex tape scandal rocks a bucks county middle school. "eyewitness news" at franklin d. roosevelt middle school in bristol township. police say a video showing students engaged in a sex act circulate there had. it was found on a student's cell phone by faculty members during a school concert. >> i think it's disgusting. i don't -- it's -- i don't even know what to say about it. >> my daughter is 12 so it's a tough conversation to have with anything what they're going through. >> police have confiscated some cell phones. it's unclear if any students have been suspended. no charges have been filed. >> well, the mystery deepens tonight in the search for a missing northeast philadelphia man.
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the car belonging to 69-year-old vito mcglio. the father of six and the grandfather nine disappeared sunday night. he was last seen leaving macaronis restaurant where he was said to be a regular. >> the taj mahal casino in atlantic city will remain open and will not shut down on saturday. billionaire investor carl icahn is providing $20 million in financing to keep the casino operating while bankruptcy proceedings play out. this announcement came after a deal to save the taj mahal fell apart. >> when we left the room she said oh yeah everything is good, they told us everything is good. don't know. >> there's just nobody in there. it's just kind of sad in there. >> icahn man's to take control
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of the taj mahal if he can get substantial tax breaks. bills that would have helped icahn stalled in the new jersey legislature this afternoon. >> is new jersey prepared for an outbreak of an infectious disease? results of a new study may surprise you. >> the reaction from havana to the renewed diplomatic relations with cuba. >> a special holiday season for one local family. we'll show you why a decorated home is so special when we'll show you why a decorated home is so special when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> a new report suggests new jersey is among the state's least prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases. only west virginia scored worse in the study but to be fair most states didn't fare very well. the robert wood johnson foundation gives new jersey a passing grade for public health funding preparing for emerging threats and having toddlers vaccinated against hepatitis b. the areas where the state falls short though include getting adults and children vaccinated against the flu and planning for climate change. >> the u.s. cuba deal to restore diplomatic relations could lead to the capture of a convicted killer of a new jersey state trooper. prosecutors say that joanne
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chesimir shot and killed a stat typier in 1973. she was sent to pries ton four years later and escaped in 1979. she resurfaced in cuba in 1984 and was granted asylum. authorities are now urging the obama administration to seek the return of chesimard. >> an enormous amount of clarity to this case. it's not that we're seeking anybody for a prosecution, it's not that we're seeking a suspect, we're seeking somebody who has committed the crime, was convicted of that crime and was sentenced. >> a second trooper was also wounded in that shooting. new jersey state police and the fbi are offering a $2 million reward for information that leads to her arrest. meanwhile plenty of people are still talking about that move to reestablish diplomatic relations with cuba. cbs correspondent adriana diaz is on the island where there's lots of excitement tonight. >> reporter: cuba is a nation frozen in time from the cars to the infrastructure,
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much of havana looks as it did in 1961 but that is about to change. since president obama announced a new diplomatic relationship with the communist country american corporations have been lining up to get in including mastercard, cisco, marriott, pepsi, caterpillar and major league baseball. but convincing u.s. lawmakers to go along will be much more difficult. >> this is the kind of deal you get when you send your speech writer top negotiate with a tyrant. >> reporter: many republicans including the leaders of both houses of congress oppose the president's plans. many republicans but not all. >> you have the 50 year embargo with cuba just hadn't worked. if the goal was regime change sure doesn't seem to be working. >> reporter: here on the streets of havana there's a much more uniform response. relief. he remembers cuba before the embargo. [speaking foreign language]
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>> the interpreter: we're grateful to the u.s. government he says to president obama and president raul for improving relations. he says relations between people, between countries is always, always is a good thing. it's positive. >> reporter: a positive idea people here hope translates to real change. in dallas, adriana diaz for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly cbs news has learned u.s. officials are linking north korea to the massive cyber attack against sony pictures. movie theaters are taking down posters for the movie "the interview." after threets surfaced of a 9/11 style attack on theaters showing the film, theater chains said they would not show it. >> well, new at 10 o'clock tonight al montgomery county military family is getting a very special holiday gift. a team of volunteers decorated the evans family home with
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christmas decorations. "eyewitness news" was there on the 300 block of prince frederick street in king of prussia. all of this was made possible by christmas decors decorate a family program. that company is saluting william evans who suffered a traumatic brain injury while fighting overseas. >> a little overwhelming i guess. it's definitely a surprise and i'm thankful for the companies that were involved in making it happen. >> evans served in the army for 14 years. well, we invite you to join us tomorrow for the joy of sharing campaign. we'll be collecting new unwrapped toys live on our air starting at 6:00 a.m. you can drop off those toys here at our studio at 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia and we'll be out there all day from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. for a list of other drop-off locations just led to or call
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215-977-joys. and we also invite you to join us for a long wood christmas. tune in tomorrow night at 7:30 on cbs3. jessica and i are at longwood gardens for our long wood christmas special from the lights to the food to the music, it is a holiday tradition you do not want to miss. >> and to keep you in that holiday spirit, we're talking about some cold temperatures across the delaware valley. our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting temperatures in the 30's. i don't see anything warmer on this board. chuck is saying 34 degrees, the pressure falling in perkasie. it will be rising overnight, though. high pressure will build in. that's the sign of clear skies across the region. 35 degrees reported in pennsylvania. ed is saying northeasterly wind in he can land. wow, just 4 miles an hour so the winds beginning to relax. let's take you to delaware, the first state 36 degrees right now in newark, delaware, a light wind and the pressure
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steady. thanks john. thanks to all our eyewitness weather watchers. if you would like to be featured in one of our newscasts and help us out this winter count all the snow and the rain join the team. go the let's take you where they're making the snow with the cold temperatures. right now in the poconos it is 30 degrees jack frost/big boulder. the snow guns have been going all night. it's going to be a great weekend for snow making. temperatures are going to be quite cold. in philadelphia we have 38 degrees, 36 degrees in trenton, 35 in dover and once those skies clear these temperatures are going to go down even lower. in state college it's 30. 28 degrees in pittsburgh, 29 in cleveland and in buffalo, new york. so, the cold is coming with a cold area of high pressure, going to be watching this developing area of precipitation. earlier in the week we thought we could have a coastal storm but this is actually going to form and go well to the south of us so it will not be impacting the weekend. that's the good news. so, friday expected to be a sunny day. the first of the month of december. temperatures will be in the
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40's. there's that area of low pressure skirting well to our south on saturday. it stays partly sunny with high temperatures around 40 degrees. on saturday in washington, maryland, it is going to be dry as well for the eagles game. kickoff time 4:30. kickoff temperature, 38 degrees with just a few clouds. remember, the sun will set shortly after the game begins. sunday still looking at some sunshine. that storm moves well off shore. temperatures will be in the 40's with a chance of a few showers on monday and into tuesday. speaking of tuesday, we'll be watching two areas of low pressure. one going up through the great lakes, another one developing offer the coast. these two try to merge over new england. little bit too late for to us have a big storm as far as snow is concerned but this will provide a rainstorm for us christmas eve. we're talking about rain, we're talking about wind, maybe even a few rumbles of thunder and then these two storms combine or close to combine toward the north and the east. they don't phase completely and we'll be seeing some snow through new york and also new
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england. so, snow chances for chris marks well, western new york or western pennsylvania and central pennsylvania but it will be dry for us in the delaware valley. looking at a sunny day on christmas. so, the i-95 corridor on christmas day stays dry, sunny temps in the 40. snow on christmas day in albany, scranton, pittsburgh, central pennsylvania, cleveland and buffalo new york, so maybe next year. overnight temperatures will be around 30. during the day tomorrow we're talking about the 40's and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, once it turns cold, it stays cold for awhile. winter begins on sunday and it will feel like it. monday 46. tuesday 51. mild with rain and wind on wednesday, christmas eve. colder christmas day, the high temperature 41 on thursday. >> all right, kathy, thanks so much. >> beasley's here with some hockey action. >> yeah, we got the panthers in south philadelphia and this is a last home shot for the team before they go away for a long, long time.
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>> flyers host the florida panthers tonight in south philadelphia looking to rebound from a tuesday night losses to the lightning. after tonight's game flyers go on the road for eight straight. need this one. first period panthers on the board first. former flyer scotty upshall
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with the goal beating steve mason. voracek with the goal, he ties it up at one a piece. after a scoreless third and overtime we'll go to a shootout. after one goal each, dave bolan scores. last chance for the flyers. sean couture denied by luongo. panthers win two to one. no practice for the birds today as they prepare for a key divisional matchup in maryland. the eagles visit the warrant redskins for that saturday showdown. mathematically it's not a must win for the eagles but it is as close as it gets if the bird hope to overtake the cowboys and win the nfc east. the three and 11 redskins are looking to play playoff spoiler but shady mccoy knows the situation. >> you need wins and they're a team where they're trying to finish the season out and i've been there. i know that type of role.
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you want to play hard but, i mean, you probably got your flight already scheduled where you're going. >> you can see all the action on saturday on our sister station cbs3. tune in for the toyota kickoff. it's a special at 3:30. then the nfl network pregame show at 4:00 followed by eagles and redskins ckoff 4:30. then the chargers and the '9ers at 8:30. with the eagles on our sister station cbs3 saturday you can catch the day's college basketball action right here on the cw philly. ohio state and north carolina at 1:00 and ucla and kentucky at
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>> thanks for watching i object on the cw philly. >> for kathy, beasley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean.
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